Balmain Photography

Balmain Photography: professional photography and web design

Editorial Work

Most of the editorial content was produced while working for magazines and newspapers in Connecticut & Washington.

Published credits include The New York Times, New York Daily News, Business Week, London Daily Mail, Toronto Star, Tennis Magazine, Polo, Runners World, The National, Associated Press, & more.

  • Diagnosis Unknown

    Camille cannot sit up straight. She cannot roll over. She can barely swallow or breathe. Its hard on a little girl. It is also really hard on her family.

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  • Eye Camps

    In the poorer remote areas of India, villagers have a desperate need for decent medical care. Some will walk days to get it.

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  • Wasted Youth

    In the mounting numbers of teen drug users are children like any others: curious, troubled, bold. They experiment. And some are consumed by the experience.

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