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Balmain Photography: professional photography and web design


Seattle based photographer Maxwell Balmain currently "specializes" in offering custom photography for commercial, editorial and events clients. The commercial service includes creating custom images for the web and designing web sites.

Often a professional photographer must choose a narrow field in photography in order to get noticed. This can stifle creativity. With over two decades of photojournalism and commercial photography experience Maxwell Balmain has a broad range of skills while producing work on five continents. But the focus is always on current trends and technology. So much photography is now utilized on the web, but much of it is produced separately, in a vacuum, away from the web design process. Balmain Photography offers combined photography and web design services. There are benefits with creating a streamlined project that covers producing custom images, graphics, wed design and deployment of a cutting edge web Content Management System (CMS).

Maxwell has enjoyed working in America, Australia, Africa, India and most recently, China. Documentary work includes projects for clients like the Swedish Medical Center, The Red Cross and the AARP. Editorial work has appeared in major newspapers and magazines including The New York Times, Times of London, Toronto Star, AP, Tennis Magazine, Business Week, The National, Polo, Runners World and others. The range of assignments is wide: portraits, illustrations, architecture and brochure work. Maxwell's editorial work has received awards from the Associated Press and the National Press Photographers Association.

Photojournalists really have the best eye on the world. There is no other job that brings you so close to such a wide variety of events. Its the only job that gives you an insight to everybody else's job. Working with a team and solving visual problems for clients has its own reward.

Professional services includes web design, custom CSS, and Photoshop work. Most businesses and individuals are looking for a powerful means of editing and maintaining their own websites. After experimenting with over ten blog platforms and Content Management Systems (CMS) the focus is now on one of the best flexible Ajax driven systems: Processwire. One of the great things with Processwwire is its powerful template system. It allows great freedom and flexibility for adding custom photography and design elements.

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