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Pentax Super Takumar 50/1.4

50/1.4 Pentax Super Takumar

Pentax has always made wonderful lenses. There was a major chapter in my professional life when I was heavily invested in Pentax film cameras (the wonderful LX) and lenses. When it comes to classic Pentax glass, well, lets just say I am a big fan.

Pentax Super Takumar 50/1.4There are a number of different categories of Pentax lenses (more on this later) but one category, the old M42 screw-mount series of lenses, really deserves fresh consideration. Be warned though: the word is out and these lenses are "hot" items in the used lens arena.

Both still and video shooters are looking for "alternative lenses" these days. Pentax lenses like the old Super Takumars are a popular choice. There are many samples out there in the wild. They can be found quite cheaply, and they are very easy to adapt to modern DLSR cameras. In fact all you need is a simple M42 to EOS adapter to make them work on modern Canon camera bodies. These adapters are cheap, plentiful and can be easily found on-line on eBay and other outfits.

Buying a Canon EF 50/1.4 lens is an expensive proposition. I purchased a Pentax 50/1.4 Super Takumar for $50 at a used camera store. You will often find these lenses at garage sales etc for next to nothing. They usually come with an old screw-mount Pentax film camera. The camera might not be worth much but certain Super Takumars, SMC, M series, and A series lenses are most definitely worth a second look.

Pentax Super Takumar 50/1.4  test

Pentax Super Takumar 50/1.4  sample imageMy 50/1.4 Super Takumar includes a manual-auto aperture lever which comes ion handy. You have to sue stopped down metering with these kind of lenses. But this lever lets you focus with the lens wide open which gives you that f/1.4 brightness and then you can flip the lever over to manual for metering and actual picture taking at the aperture of your choice. Not all "alternative lenses" have this feature.

What else is there to like about these old Super Takumars? Well, you will notice how incredibly silky smooth the focus action is. Its like butter. Modern lenses do not feel this smooth while focusing.

How about image quality? I find my Super Takumar has a dual character: the image quality is quite soft wide open. But the softness is wonderful in a dreamy way that soft filters just can't deliver. Some fashion photographers regard these lenses as their "secret weapon" and models in the know will ask for these lenses specifically. Stopped down a bit these Super Taks get nice and sharp - the other side of their dual character.

This lens has a radio active "earth element". This can be a concern for some. Quite often you will find this lens has a definite yellow cast (due to the radio activity) which is unwlecome. There are simple measures to remove this yellow cast however. This lens is affordable and easily convertible to the Canonn EOS format. Definitely worth checking out.


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Paul: Hi Max, today I visit your website for the first time and this kind of your lens test is so interesting! :)

I have same lens(50/1.4 Super Takumar) and canon 5D. How can I attach the lens to Canon body? Could you let me know how? Thanks!

Maxwell Balmain (site admin): Paul: there are a ton of inexpensive EOS to M42 adaptors on eBay and other photographic suppliers. Some are better made than others. Fotodiox sells a consumer and a pro grade version of this adaptor...

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