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  • Glen Hansard

    Glen Hansard is a well known Irish singer & songwriter for the group The Frames and Swell Season. He got his big break appearing in the movie "The Commitments".

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  • Rodriguez "Sugarman"

    For decades there had been no word from or about the mystery artist known as Rodriguez. It turns out he had become a cultural icon in South Africa.

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  • King Sunny Adé

    King Sunny Adé has been a star in his Nigerian homeland for more that 40 years. The rest of the world joined the party when Island Records starting releasing his records around the same time as reggae superstar Bob Marley.

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  • The Avett Brothers

    The Avett Brothers are wild in concert. They somehow seem to mix everything: bluegrass, country, folk, "hazy bar" honky tonk - and its all delivered with a decidedly punk edge.

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  • Wine

    Wine - teaser imageWine and its supporting cast of stemware and extraction equipment also make fascinating subjects for the photographer.

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