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The Avett Brothers

The Avett Brothers are wild in concert. They somehow seem to mix everything: bluegrass, country, folk, "hazy bar" honky tonk - and its all delivered with a decidedly punk edge.

I met the Avett Brothers at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle. The pressure was on as this was going to be the cover story for the Fretboard Journal. Like any pre show photo session this all had to be done quickly. Not only did I have to create some decent portraits of the band, but I also had to get a good selection of all the guitars and banjos that help make their particular brand of American music so appealing.

Across the street from the theatre was a parking lot. Great! Well, actually it had nice crumbing wall which made a nice contrasting background against the majestic brick of the theatre. We shook hands and I asked the guys to climb up the wall. That was about it for direction. The picture came together quite easily. A good start...

Inside the Paramount lobby are some vintage staircases. This proved to be a great backdrop for capturing a focused image of the band and some detailed images of their collective guitars and banjos. Once this was done I asked Seth and Scott to step outside. The area around the ticket window looked too cool not to use somehow. I asked them to bring some instruments which naturally resulted in them to start singing! This great moment became the cover shot for the Fretboard Journal.

I came back later that night to capture some shots of the actual performance. To be honest I really did not know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised at how much energy and hard edginess they brought to their material!. The Paramount, being one of Seattle's grand old venues, is a perfect place to catch a great band like the Avett Brothers.

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