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Wine is enjoyable on so many levels. There are the obvious aspects like taste, smell, how it interacts with food and the company you share the whole process with. Then there is the fascinating arena of winemaking, touring wine growing regions, and the whole decision making process in selecting wines.

Wine and its supporting cast of stemware and extraction equipment also make fascinating subjects for the photographer.

What follows here is a wide collection of wine related photographs. Some images have been produced for clients. Some of them came about with just messing around while enjoying photography and wine at the same time. Many of these images feature a rare borrowed collection of valuable antique corkscrews. Some shots were carefully crafted while others where shot from the hip at dinner parties with good friends. Many of these shots were also experiments produced with older manual focus lenses that have I have adapted to modern DLSR cameras: Minolta Rokkor 58/1.2 , Pentax Takumar 50/1.4, Minolta MC 35/1.8 -NH. Some were produce with the great Fuji-X100 camera. A couple were even shot with a Sinar 4x5 view camera using slow Fujichrome transparency film. The lighting for the corkscrew images was a mixture of natural window light and a small flashlight covered with a section of black cine foil (to direct a narrow light beam).

So grab a glass and enjoy!

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