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Just mentioning the word Africa brings all kinds of mental images to mind. Africa is a vast continent crammed with harsh contrasts. It's also a continent under enormous pressure.

These photos were all taken in South Africa and Namibia. Most were shot some years ago now (with glorious Kodachrome.) These images are not meant to be a documentary record of the land, but rather just a collection of interesting images.

Included in the collection is a series of shots taken from a 4x4 Land Rover of a mother cheetah training her cubs how to hunt and kill. (*** warning: mildly graphic content ) Most of the day was spent carefully following the action in a private reserve in eastern South Africa. The cheetahs pretty much ignored the vehicle. Care was taken not to get too close or interfere with the outcome in any way. Cheetahs face lots of challenges to endure in the wild and photographing this series is a rare opportunity for a photographer. All the cheetah photos were taken with a manual focus camera and a rare Pentax 400mm/2.8 lens using slow speed slide film.

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